Aluminum beverage can and lids are one set.

Aluminum can lid is also named as aluminum can ends.

If without lids, the aluminum can is just like an aluminum cup.

Can ends types:
B64, CDL and Super End

The different size of aluminum can ends suits for different cans

SOT 202B64 or CDL can use for the following cans as the diameter of cans.

  • Standard 330ml can
  • Standard 355ml can
  • Standard 473ml can
  • Standard 500ml can
  • Sleek 210ml can
  • Sleek 270ml can
  • Sleek 310ml can
  • Sleek 330ml can
  • Sleek 355ml can

SOT 200 B64 or CDL can use for the following cans

  • Slim 250ml can
  • Slim 180ml can

The can ends need to suits for your seamer, we can supply aluminum can ends for testing.

We supply both EPOXY and BPANI can lids.

More information, if can make color can ends, how many kinds of lids we can supply? Please Click to read


Post time: Mar-29-2022